Q&A With an Amazing Mongolian Contortionist Pt 5

I asked my friend on Facebook Naranzul Bayarnyam from Mongolia to answer the following questions about contortion.

How long have done contortion for?

Done it for 11 years

How did you start contortion?

My Grandma told me I should do contortion cause when I was 4 or 5 I liked to watch contortion show,

How often do you train and for how long?

I don’t do training everyday because I’ve contortion show every single day so I don’t need to train often I do training for 3 or 4 hours

What is your favourite contortion move/trick?

Every contortion studio has own description for the contortion move or trick

What has been your best contortion experience?

Performed in France, Spain and Mongolia

What is your ultimate contortion goal/dream?

I wish one day i’ll have a great performance in Cirque du Soliel or world’s biggest stage and I want to participate a competition which can test my 11 years ability


Naranzul Bayarnyam



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