Contortionist in Focus: Anastasiia Ilina

Whether she’s elbow standing her way across London or effortlessly gliding across the stage, Anastasiia (Nastya) does everything with a sense of joy and passion.

Nastya who originally started out as a dancer decided to take the leap into the world of contortion only a few years ago, with countless hours of training with well respected contortion coach Tatiana Kuznetsova based in Kiev.

In 2016 Nastya had the chance to appear on Chinese Talent Show where she performed an unbelievable routine which amazed the judges.



Nastya has had the opportunity to take her skills to Japan where she was a part of a show where she performed and wowed audiences. Upon her return to Kiev, her passion and continuous development as a contortionist continued. In 2017 she was lucky enough to score a role in a movie which was filmed in London, Nastya spent a few months there filming and also exploring the UK which resulted in her elbow standing her way across the UK.

Nastya now passes on her knowledge and expertness in dance and contortion through stretching and flexibility workshops she runs in Kiev. Her contortion routine has a unique blending of her incredible flexibility skills and her effortless dance skills.

Besides being an incredibly talented performer, she is also an incredibly smart women. She is an excellent writer and also multi-lingual and also does ballet as a hobby. She’s an incredibly kind and considerate person. If you ever get the opportunity to talk to Nastya or take one of her workshops, her passion for this beautiful art form of contortion and dance exudes out of her. I’m pleased to say she is one of the nicest, welcoming and kind person I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting.

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