Q&A With an Amazing Russian Contortionist

I had the opportunity to ask Varvara Gordeeva’s mother Katerina some questions about her daughters experiences of being one of the youngest but best contortionists in the world. She has had the chance to appear on quite a few TV shows in Russia recently.

Some of her accomplishments include:

  • Finalist of the show with Maxim Galkin “Best of All 2016” on the first channel
  • Finalist of the body of the project “Blue Bird 2017” on channel “Russia 1”
  • Finalist of the TV show “Blue Bird: The Last Bogatyr 2018” on channel “Russia 1”
  • Grand Prix “of the All-Russian circus competition” Parade of Stars 2017 “, which was held in the Tula State Circus
  • The winner of the team game” 100 to one “on the channel” Russia 1 “
  • Participant of the” Blue Fire 2018 “on the channel” Russia 1 “
  • The heroine of the children’s transfer “Good morning, kids” on the channel “Carousel”.
  • Multiple winner of regional, regional, all-Russian and international competitions.



(These Answers were translated using Google Translate)

How long have done contortion for?

We have been engaged in contortion for two years.

How did you start contortion?

After a small performance in 2015, Varvara began to engage in contortion

How often do you train and for how long?

Training every day for 4-5 hours.

What is your favourite contortion move/trick?

There is no answer to this question

What has been your best contortion experience?

Every performance is an enjoyable experience for us

What is your ultimate contortion goal/dream?

Varvara wants to become the most flexible in the world and perform around the world at the best venues. Varvara even dreams of becoming an actress and starring in the film in the main role.


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