Rhythmic Gynmastics

Q&A With Finnish Rhythmic Gymnast Julia Laine

I recently had the opportunity to ask my friend Julia Laine about her time as a rhythmic gymnast in Finland. Recently she retired from competition but now is a coach training the next generation of excellent gymnasts. Julia is an incredible gymnast and a wonderful person.

Facebook Page: Julia Laine

Instagram: julialainegymnast

Q1: When did you start Rhythmic Gymnastics?

I started rhythmic gymnastics when I was 4 year old

Q2: How did you first get involved with rhythmic gymnastics?

My mom brought me to a test day

Q3: How often do you train and how long for?

I trained 9 times a week, for 2-4 hours

Q4: Favourite apparatus?

Ball and Clubs

Q5: Do you have a favourite memory whilst doing gymnastics?

Maybe having my own Finnish championship bronze medal and final ball silver, being in European Championships group.

Q6: Who inspires you in gymnastics?

Maybe when you succeed on competitions and hard work paid off

Q7: What is your ultimate goal in RG?

I didn’t have any ultimate goal, I dreamed of competing at the Olympics but I never had the opportunity to work for it, I watched where life carries me.

Q8: Do you have a specific routine or event result you were really proud of?

Finnish championships in junior category all around 3. And in finals with ball 2.

Q9: What do you like to do when you aren’t doing gymnastics (your free time)?

Being with the friends was the best way to spend free time, I also liked just lying in the cough and chill

Q10: Do you see yourself staying involved in RG for many years to come?

Even though I quit my own career, I hope I can continue as a coach all my life

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