Q&A With American Ballerina Erin Arndorfer

I recently had the chance to ask Erin Arndorfer some questions about her journey as a ballerina. Erin is an amazing dancer, she graces the stage with incredible poise, grace and elegance, her dedication and passion for ballet is unmatched. Below are her responses.

Q1: When did you start ballet?

I started dancing when I was pretty young, but was a competition dancer. I focused on mainly tap, jazz, and lyrical. It wasn’t until I was 14 that I really started ballet.

Q2: Where do you currently dance?

I am currently a dancer on the Studio Company at Colorado Ballet.

Q3: How long have you been en pointe for?

I have been on pointe for 6 years.

Q4: What pointe shoes do you currently wear?

I currently wear Freed Classic Pro pointe shoes with a hard shank. I wear a few different makers depending on what is in stock, but my favorite is the D maker.

Q5: How did you first get involved in ballet?

I was accepted into a performing arts high school called Chicago Academy for the Arts and they required the dancers to take ballet everyday (and also go on pointe).  That was when I got involved in ballet!

Q6: What is your favourite variation?

That is such a hard question!! If I had to try and pick one variation that is my favorite, I would probably say Gamzatti Act 1. Playing Gamzatti in La Bayadere is one of my dream roles because she is such a strong character. I love the variation because it has so many jumps and I love grand allegro!

Q7: What company would you love to work for?

A dream company for me has always been the Royal Ballet. I danced in Europe for a year as a Trainee with the Dutch National Ballet and I would love to go back to Europe to dance. There are so many companies I would love to dance for but all the companies in the UK really catch my eye (Royal Ballet, English National Ballet, Birmingham Royal Ballet).

Q8: Do you have a favourite memory/moment in ballet?

I have a lot of memorable moments in ballet but I think my favorite actually happened this past April. I was able to guest with Baton Rouge Ballet Theatre and perform the role of Cinderella. This was my first principal role in a full length ballet, so it was a pretty big moment for me. I learned so much in the process and I was able to share the stage with my friend Yosvani Ramos as my Prince. He is a Principal dancer with Colorado Ballet so I am constantly looking up to him. He was so much fun to perform with and he really helped me prepare for the role.

Q9: Who are your ballet roles models? Dancers that inspire you.

My favorite dancer is Marianela Nuñez from the Royal Ballet. She is so strong, technical, and artistic….in my opinion there is no other dancer like her. There are a lot of dancers that inspire me but some of my favorites are Soo Youn Cho from Houston Ballet, Maia Makhateli and Anna Ol from Dutch National Ballet,  Isabella Boylston and Skylar Brandt from ABT, and Leta Biasucci from PNB.

Q10: Best advice you’ve ever received from a teacher?

To relax!! I tend to be really tense but as I’ve gotten older I’ve started to understand how to control it.

Q11: Classical or romantic tutu?

Classical Tutu

Q12: What do you like to do when you aren’t dancing (your free time)?

I like to hangout with family and friends and walk or bike around and explore the city.

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