Q&A With Ukrainian Contortionist Sofia Kostritskaya

I had the joy of asking the incredible Ukrainian contortionist Sofia Kostritskaya some questions about her journey as one of the best new contortionists. Sofia is an amazing contortionist and when she takes to the stage and performs and showcases her astounding skills, she leaves the audience in awe and mesmerised by what the human body can do. The joy she has on her face when performing is infectious and her smile brings happiness to many. Sofia has had the opportunity to compete in many competitions in and around Ukraine and had the chance to appear on some TV shows showcasing her incredible talent. Below are her responses.

Sofia’s responses translated using Google Translate

How long have you done contortion for?

I have been engaged in contortion since the age of 4

How did you start contortion?

I started practicing myself, then my mother opened a studio, a school since we did not have any gymnastics sections in the city and now I am training with my mother

How often do you train and for how long?

In the training hall I train three times a week, the rest of the time is home training every evening.

What is your best contortion experience?

I am the winner of many awards. I have more than 200 medals, more than a hundred cups. Broke the record of the country – the maximum number of acrobatic elements. 111 unique elements

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