Q&A With Russian Contortionist Anya Isaeva

I had the joy of asking the incredible Russian contortionist Anya Isaeva some questions about her journey as a contortionists/hand balancer. Anya is an amazing contortionist/hand balancer and when she takes to the stage and performs and showcases her astounding skills, she leaves the audience in awe and mesmerized by what the human body can do. She is currently in Taiwan performing at Lihpao Land amusement park. Below are her responses.

(Translated using Google Translate)

Q1: How long have done contortion for?

From the age of 10

Q2: How did you start contortion?

Parents brought them to the circus studio and then there was a desire to study

Q3: How often do you train and for how long?

Now I’m on a contract, I train and perform every day. Training usually lasts more than 3 hours

Q4: What is your favourite contortion move/trick?

One-arm stand

Q5: What has been your best contortion experience?


Q6: What is your ultimate contortion goal/dream?

Perform in the Cirque Du Soleil and other venues in different circuses

Q7: Best advise you’ve received?

Train more and improve myself

Q8: What does a usual day of training look like?

Warm-up, tricks, pumping up

Q9: What is your preparation for a performance?

Stretching, run of number

Q10: What or who is your biggest motivator in contortion?

Future prospects

Q11: What goes through your head when you’re doing a contortion performance?

I think about the number and about the audience

Q12: Do you get nervous? How do you overcome your nerves?

I am nervous, I try to enjoy the performance and make the number good

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