Q&A With Australian Ballerina Liz Williams

I recently had the opportunity to ask Liz some questions about her journey as a ballerina. Liz is a fantastic dancer, she graces the stage with incredible poise and grace. Her passion for ballet is phenomenal. Below are her responses.

Q1: When did you start ballet?

When I was 4 🙂

Q2: Where do you currently dance?

Tanya Pearson classics coaching academy

Q3: How long have you been en pointe for?

4-5 years I think

Q4: What pointe shoes do you currently wear?

I currently wear Bloch axiom but I’m trying out Grishko 2007

Q5: How did you first get involved in ballet?

I’ve danced pretty much my whole life but only really found interest through moving to a new school and my teachers encouraging me

Q6: What is your favourite variation?

I love so many but an all time favourite would be Giselle act 1

Q7: What company would you love to work for?

Anywhere would be nice but my dream company would be Royal Ballet and Paris Opera

Q8: Do you have a favourite memory/moment in ballet?

A special memory would be when I got my first pair pointe shoes. I was so excited that day but I had no idea how much they would hurt later aha

Q9: Who are your ballet roles models? Dancers that inspire you.

Teachers are there to help you and want to see you go places and sometimes you have to remember that when things get hard

Q10: Best advice you’ve ever received from a teacher?

To not take everything to heart and to keep on pushing through.

Q11: Advise you’d give a young version of yourself?

To not doubt myself. I spent so much of my time worrying about how much I needed to improve rather than putting time and focus on improving

Q12: Best thing about being a ballerina?

How rewarding it can be. Although it maybe really tough it makes it all worth it when you can see progress

Q13: Hardest thing about being a ballerina?

Thinking negatively. It can be hard when you stand in a mirror all day pointing out your flaws but you have to remember what you are working for

Q14: It seems like such hard work, did you ever have days growing up where you were like “ugh maybe I’ll just pick an easier career so I can be like a normal teenager”?

Yes of course! We all have those days where you wish you could go back to school and live a ‘normal’ life but if you love what you do then it won’t feel like an obligation but something you enjoy everyday

Q15: Classical or romantic tutu?

Classical tutu

Q16: Have you ever suffered a serious injury?

Yes, 2 years ago I got a stress fracture in my right foot and it unfortunately inflamed again early March this year

Q17: What do you like to do when you aren’t dancing (your free time)?

On the weekends I love to read, watch movies and go to the beach. I also really like to play piano and sometimes in the holidays go ice-skating.

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