Q&A With Mongolian Contortionist Khongorzul Bayarmagnai

I had the pleasure of asking Khongorzul Bayarmagnai some questions about her journey and experiences as a contortionist. She amazes the audience with her incredible flexibility and skills. She has been able to honor the long tradition of showcasing the ancient Mongolian art form around the world. Below are her responses.

Q1: How long have done contortion for?

9 years (from 12 y.old i start very old than other)

Q2: How did you start contortion?

I was very flexible

Q3: How often do you train and for how long?

Normal time 4-5 day a week, for 2-4 hours (but now quarantine time 1-2 day for a week for only 1 hour)

Q4: What is your favourite contortion move/trick?

1 hand, archery and be on the top

Q5: What has been your best contortion experience?

Be forbearance

Q6: What is your ultimate contortion goal/dream?

Learn university during contortion work

Q7: Best advise you’ve received?

Momentum is health

Q8: What does a usual day of training look like?


Q9: What is your preparation for a performance?

Warm up, contortion table, music

Q10: What or who is your biggest motivator in contortion?

My hobby

Q11: What goes through your head when you’re doing a contortion performance?

Up and look directly

Q12: Do you get nervous? How do you overcome your nerves?

I get nervous very easy. I think inside and be noisy or discuss with my best friend for overcome my nervous

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