Q&A With American Ballerina Holly Munns

I had the chance to ask my Facebook friend Holly Munns some questions in regard to her journey as a ballerina. She is such wonderful dancer, so elegantly owning the stage with perfect technique. Plus she’s a kind and courteous person. Her love for ballet is immense and one day without a doubt Holly will fur-full her Ballet dreams.

Instagram: dancerschmoosh

Q1: When did you start ballet?

I started ballet when I was 4, but I didn’t get serious about it until I was 13. Meaning it was just a hobby at first.

Q2: Where do you currently dance? 

I danced with Nashville Ballet for two years in their Trainee program. Now, I’m looking at Ballet Palm Beach.

Q3: How long have you been en pointe for? 

I have been on pointe for about six years now. I stared late, at age 13, when many dancers begin pointe around 9-11.

Q4: What pointe shoes do you currently wear?

I currently wear Suffolks spotlight pointe shoe. I started pointe with Grishkos 2004.

Q5: How did you first get involved in ballet?

I don’t remember exactly how, but my mom tells me I watched dance shows growing up (like Annie) and I asked if I could start it. I took the beginner ballet/Tao class and I just fell in love with everything about it.

Q6: What is your favourite variation? 

This is a hard question. I love many variations and have yet to see/do one that I didn’t like. They are all so unique and different with their own difficulties. My favourite ballet is Sleeping Beauty and my dream role is to dance Aurora.

Q7: What company would you love to work for? 

I would love to dance professionally with Nashville Ballet. I love the way the company moves and how they are so invested in what they do. I love that the company is strong in both classical and contemporary ballet.

Q8: Do you have a favourite memory/moment in ballet?

Growing up you have teachers tell you corrections over and over, but one of the best moments in class is when it clicks. You finally understand what previous teachers and current teachers want. I also love the feeling of flying in ballet. I love jumping and traveling, so taking up space really makes you feel like you are flying through the air. My favourite memory was getting my first pair of pointe shoes.

Q9: Who are your ballet roles models? Dancers that inspire you.

There are many dancers that I look up to, some at Nashville Ballet and some off YouTube. Three dancers I look up to are Misty Copeland, Michaela DePrince, and Alicia Alonso. There are many more dancers that inspire me, some even my own classmates. However, these three women stick out to me. They are fighters and believers for themselves, it was a struggle to reach their dream but they made it. They are beautiful dancers with great power and integrity.

Q10: Best advice you’ve ever received from a teacher?

One of my favourite quotes is from my teacher at Nashville Ballet, Ms. Koenig said, “You have to think of the titanic. Beautiful on the top with a fiery engine on the bottom. No matter what is going on with the legs, the top must remain calm.”

Q11: Classical or romantic tutu?

Most people relate ballet to the classical tutus, but the romantic truths are pretty with their own statement. Gisele would look different with classical tutus and wouldn’t get the same feeling that romantic tutus give. I like both tutus, they both make me feel pretty and ready for stage.

Q12: What do you like to do when you aren’t dancing (your free time)?

I like to stay busy, so I am usually working or taking classes at college. Staying busy keeps me focused, but it damages my mental health. I am taking the next year to find more stress relief and relaxation methods so I can become a better me and dancer. I love photography and writing. I’m terrible at painting but it’s fun to do. I’m always up to try new things, I’d consider myself an adventurous person.

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